The materials Orthopedic B.Pillow

4 times therapeutic comfort

Silver AG+

Silver is the most effective natural antimicrobial agent between those available in nature. The fabric Silver AG+ contains silver ions disposed on the surface, that once in contact with the body can ensure following advantages:

  • Anti smell: the freshness of the fabric lasts throughout the life of the product
  • Natural features: does not contain any active chemical agent
  • Anti-bacterial: silver ions interact with the bacterial membrane and destroy its reproduction. The active substance is composed of "pure silver ions" compliant the legislation of the European Biocidal 528-2012.
  • Permanent features : the applied silver is strongly resistant to washing.

3D Mesh

M3D Mesh is a warp-knitted three-dimensional fabric that provides exceptional breathability.

Built into the soul of the cushion and the cover, 3D Mesh creates an insulating air layer that allows the pillow B.Pillow to maintain a constant temperature close to 37 degrees even after many hours of use ongoing.

Special Foam

Hortopedic - B.Pillow Violet Foam is a high- resilience polyurethane foam produced through shaping process. Ergonomic and elastic, it is enriched with mallow extract, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Professional - B.Pillow Blue Foam came from research on colloidal systems. It is an extraordinary polyurethane non-toxic foam, free of plasticizers and volatile substances, which promotes a pleasant feeling of freshness.

  • B.Pillow Guanciale ortocervicale per l'equilibrio posturale

    violet foam - HOLISTIC

  • B.Pillow Guanciale ortocervicale professionale


  • B.Pillow Guanciale ortocervicale per l'equilibrio posturale
  • B.Pillow Guanciale ortocervicale professionale

HD Foam

B.Pillow HD Foam is a unique viscoelastic foam with high density, heat sensitive, produced through the process " Shaping". A slow memory has a value close to zero resilience which allows it to take the shape of the body which must be supported.
The result is an unequaled comfort since every part of the neck is supported in function of the weight and pressure exercised not forcing then to the unnatural postures that would force the muscles to contract in the area cervical. The high density and the particular reactivity, with stabilizing effect on the neck, ensuring a slow and long-lasting return of the material.

B.Pillow HD Foam : ergonomic, hygienic and breathable is a foamed water, the result of an advanced technology and built with the maximum respect for the environment : the L.G.A. certifications, and Ökotest L.N.E. attest to the value.