Triathlon Hard

Memory pillow in viscoelastic HD Foam; inner insert in Grey Foam; 3D Mesh lining; external cover CoolMax®® fabric.

It supports downloading neck muscle tension in the neck area. Triathlon Hard is designed to ensure the recovery the triathletes who prefer sleeping on side or supine (belly up).

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In the sport of triathlon functional overload due to the stress of the race, the repetitiveness of the rotations during the respiratory phase in swimming and isometric postures in cycling, can lead to the onset of important musculoskeletal problems of the cervical spine: the duration of the competitions then increases significantly the times of the athlete's physical and mental recovery.
Triathlon Hard pillow enables the cervical area to find the optimal conditions for a rapid functional recovery.


PositionTriathlon Hard is suitable for sports resting on side or belly up (supine). 
Memory effect●●● 
Material insideHD Foam (viscoelastic material obtained by method " Shaping") + Grey Foam (viscoelastic foam).
Intermediate fabric3D Mesh
External fabricCoolMax®

Dimensioni72 x 43 cm
DensitàHD FOAM 52,00 kg X mc / GREY FOAM 115,00 kg X mc
Altezza13 cm